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Godson is a fashion and lifestyle marketplace selling products from Southeast Asia and China



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Frequently Asked Questions

What fees do I get charged?
Listing your products on Godson is always free. Based on product categories, we do charge a commission – from 10% to 20% – on the value of orders placed on Godson. Also, sellers pay pick-up and delivery charges for every order. These charges are determined by our logistics partners on the basis of weight, size, and destination.
How do I create a store on Godson
All you need is to create an account and add at least 5 SKUs. Once we confirm the details are in order, you can start selling!
How do I stand out on Godson?
Its pretty simple. Follow these 5 cardinal rules:
#1 Sell products that people want (AKA you need to follow trends)
#2 Good price vs. quality beats all
#3 God-like images
#4 Detailed and accurate names
#5 Lots of descriptions
How do I get paid?
All payments are made to a bank account specified by you. Payment details are collected during the onboarding process.